The French Parliament, Assemblée Nationale, selects DataMiner as their end-to-end monitoring and orchestration platform

Skyline Communications, the global leading supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor network management, orchestration and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry, announces that the Assemblée Nationale has chosen DataMiner to manage their entire media operation in Paris. Skyline’s award-winning NMS/OSS platform manages the complete media exchange network of the lower house of the French Parliament end to end.


“We’re very pleased the Assemblée Nationale has selected DataMiner to control, monitor and orchestrate the audiovisual workflows of the MediorNet Riedel platform. Those products manage the multiplexing and distribution of signals, whatever the format, be it SD/HD, SDI, DPI, IP, analog, and so on,” commented Alexis Luherne, Regional Account Manager for France and North Africa at Skyline Communications. “Our DataMiner platform gives the Assemblée a global and unified overview of their entire operation, which is not as clear-cut as it may sound, since the ecosystem concerns a complex and variegated multi-vendor product environment. However, being the only NMS/OSS system on the market that provides complete service management regardless of vendor or model, this poses no problem for DataMiner. The system allows an unconditional and unconstrained integration, no matter the interface or protocol.”

DataMiner’s extreme resilience also applies to time; it guarantees to be future-proof, which is an essential feature, as media workflows are constantly evolving. Thanks to the capability to adhere to established as well as new technology and industry standards, the Assemblée can easily extend the DataMiner platform to their future projects. The platform not only smoothly manages legacy equipment, but also UIP and virtualized routers and infrastructures. On top of that, it simplifies and automates the media workflows, with end-to-end monitoring and control, effectively reducing the operational workload while maximizing resource utilization.


“Every single one of our meetings is recorded and stored. With inputs from all the different rooms at the Assemblée coming directly from the camera, the signals are then multiplexed through the MediorNet Micron Riedel products. By deploying DataMiner as our new solution to manage and orchestrate our operation in Paris, our operators can now effectively monitor and control it end to end. And all that with just a single pane of glass,” added Christian Castelli, Audiovisual System Engineer at the Assemblée Nationale. “We are now able to instantly drill down to every single service and parameter with just a few clicks and control any of our products.”

Skyline’s DataMiner genuinely redefines operational environments by changing the way operators manage their ever more complex ecosystems. The number one NMS/OSS solution enables complete end-to-end integration and makes sure media flows are governed thoughtfully to make them available when and where required. Skyline also continues to massively invest in artificial intelligence, making DataMiner an indispensable real-time AI-powered assistance to operators of critical infrastructures. Proactive management is therefore another inherent aspect of the platform; rather than having to resolve issues, DataMiner prevents them, thus denying problems the chance to even occur. These state-of-the-art features will undoubtedly further strengthen Skyline’s position as the global leader of the industry.